At various times in my life I have chosen plenty of ‘slug quotes’ to top this here Ye Olde Webbe Syte. Dear departed Hunter S. Thompson held pride of place a few times with ‘Buy the ticket, take the ride.’ I think I had a Nietzsche quote up there once or twice, the one about the abyss looking into you, probably when I was feeling even more pretentious than usual. Some Gore Vidal perhaps?

Hugo 2

When last we jawed I was messing around with my long-suffering, oft-neglected website using Hugo, the rather fun new static web site generator written in Go. Everything I wrote before still is true, it has been the most fun I’ve had with web sites in a long time. That said, here are a few observations. I’m not much of a front end developer. This is not surprising at all, my background has always been servers and databases, but damn Sass has even changed since last time I took a serious look.


For about the fifteenth time in the past couple of months I have been messing around with my own web site. This time, though, I stumbled across Hugo, a static site generator written in Go, the current uber cool language from Google. Go is so hip right now that it probably quit working at Google and moved to a farm in Santa Cruz where it makes terroir infused cheese using raw milk from its trip of pygmy goats.

A Weekend with Meteor

[Note: this is one of a couple of things I plan to fish out from the old version of the web site. More will follow. Or won’t. We’ll see. - TCB] My life is sufficiently exciting that I did something called a ‘hackathon’ this weekend. Mostly this was because I’m looking for work and (possibly) friends in Minneapolis and there was a ‘meetup’ where people were going to ‘hackathon’ together. Then the ‘meetup’ was cancelled and the three or four hours I had spent trying to figure out MeteorJS were about to go to waste.