July 15, 2017 by TCB

Well, well, well, this has been far too long in the making. That’s the problem when you work a lot. Things slip, things slide, things that need to get done take precedence over things that still ought to get done.

Over the years I have hosted a few sites for ‘friends and family’ type people. Often do-gooder organizations that didn’t have a lot of resources or personal friend who didn’t want the hassle of maintaing a site. This led to various forms of static, dynamic, blogged and non-blogged sites under more than one roof. The thought process of doing something on one when the others were in some less than ideal state just got tiresome.

The solution, for me at least, was moving things to one place with similar tech. All of those sites are now hosted on a Google Cloud Compute instance. They all are served by Caddy. And they are all built with Hugo. They all run cron jobs and clone git repos and use rsync and all of that too. For my less technical users, as long as they can edit a markdown file and use the Github web site, they should be pretty close to self-serve.

This was all driven by the idea that for them (and maybe more for me) we need to concentrate on content. There are some things I really don’t like about Hugo, but its greatest strength, in my opinion, is that content is about as distinct from site building and tech as possible. My hope was to get to where I could just write when it’s time to write. And so could everyone else. At this point, between Caddy and Hugo we should be spitting out roaring fast, HTTP2 static sites with much more time spent on writing.

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